joveg joveg Dog Care Soap "DEFENSE"

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"joveg Dog Care Soap "DEFENSE""
Our dog care soap "DEFENSE" offers a natural solution for cleaning fur and skin, free from chemical ingredients. This soap harnesses the protective powers of nature, as pests avoid the scent of essential oils. After use, when your dog carries the fragrance of these essential oils, their skin and fur become unappealing to insects. 

During a relaxing bath, dampen the fur with lukewarm water, gently lather the soap into the fur, and rinse thoroughly after a short exposure time. 

cocos nucifera oil, aqua, olea europaea oil, Helianthus annuus seed oil, carthamus tinctorius oil, sodium hydroxide, ricinus communis oil, citrus grandis oil, thymus vulgaris oil, melaleuca alternifolia oil, limonene*, linalool* (*from natural essential oils) 

Our "DEFENSE" soap is the natural choice for caring for your dog and gently shielding them from pests.

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