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Dog Chew treats

Perro Horse Lung
PERRO Horse Lung: An exquisite, low-fat treat for discerning dogs! Spoil your four-legged friend with PERRO Horse Lung – a particularly crispy and soft delicacy, not only suitable for dogs prone to allergies and intolerances but also an ideal snack alternative for dogs prone to overweight. Our premium snack stands out for its low-fat content, making it perfect for dogs requiring a conscious diet. The soft consistency allows even animals with sensitive teeth to chew the pieces effortlessly, making it a delightful addition to the menu for seniors and puppies alike. Through the gentle manufacturing process, the rich flavor of the horse lung is preserved, and your dog will eagerly anticipate each bite. Enjoy shared moments and reward your loyal companion with PERRO Horse Lung – the perfect blend of taste, quality, and health consciousness for your dog!Low-fat delicacy100% horseSofter textureGentle drying

Content: 0.2 kg (€24.50 / 1 kg)

DeliBest DeliBest Horse Ziemer
Horse tendons are a long-lasting and selective chew treat for dogs, made from 100% single-source horse protein. Especially for dogs prone to allergies and sensitivities, finding suitable chew treats that keep them engaged can be challenging. single-source horse protein exceptionally tough enhanced with malt supports dental cleaning FEATURES Horse tendons are known for their toughness, setting them apart from many other chew treats. Through extensive chewing, they not only strengthen the dog's teeth and jaw muscles but also reduce the formation of dental plaque. This can help delay or even prevent the formation of tartar. Our horse tendons are additionally coated with a fine layer of malt and minerals. The high content of B-vitamins, in particular, provides significant added value. The delicate malt coating also supports digestion.

Content: 0.2 kg (€52.50 / 1 kg)

DeliBest Buffalo Horn Chews
Water Buffalo Horn Chews are the perfect chew treat for dogs, offering not only delicious flavors but also a multitude of health benefits. Dogs love to chew on horn, and it's not just a fun activity; it's also an excellent way to promote dental health and strengthen their gums and jaw muscles. buffalo horn chews fillable ideal entertainment for allergies and intolerances NATURAL CHEWING PLEASURE These horn chews are crafted from genuine water buffalo horns, providing a durable and natural chewing experience for your dog. Chewing on horn encourages their natural chewing behavior and helps alleviate boredom. DENTAL CARE Chewing on these horn chews helps remove plaque and keep teeth clean, contributing to better dental health and fresher breath. GUM AND JAW STRENGTH The act of chewing on horn chews helps strengthen gums and develop jaw muscles, promoting overall oral health for your dog. ENTERTAINMENT Horn chews offer an ideal form of entertainment for your dog, reducing boredom and minimizing undesirable chewing of other objects. FILLABLE For added enjoyment, you can fill the hollow horn chews with canned food or pastes. This keeps your dog engaged while providing a delightful reward. To extend the chewing session, you can place filled horn chews in the freezer overnight. This prolongs the joy of chewing for your dog. ALLERGY FRIENDLY  Since Water Buffalo Horn Chews consist of 100% single-protein buffalo, they are suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

Perro Buffalo Ziemer XXL
Buffalo ziemer - long-lasting, selective chewing pleasure. These tendons are made from 100% single-protein buffalo and are ideal for long-lasting entertainment and natural dental care for your dog. Even dogs that are allergic to other protein sources or have intolerances can enjoy these chew treats as a perfect reward. Chewing on this sturdy snack helps reduce existing plaque and naturally hinders the formation of tartar. The fat content is in the medium range, making it suitable for dogs that tend to be overweight to occasionally enjoy this exclusive treat. Buffalo ziemer are a natural product, which means they are grain-free and gluten-free.long-lasting chewing pleasure made from 100% buffalonatural dental carefor nutrition-sensitive dogsmoderate fat content

Perro Dried Sprotten (whole fishes)
Sprotten are small, dried, whole saltwater fish belonging to the herring genus. Dogs adore these little fish, and they are also a fantastic delicacy for cats. They are rich in Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, which are largely preserved during the gentle manufacturing process. Fish provides a particularly high-quality and easily digestible protein. As a result, these small treats are suitable even for nutrition-sensitive pets. The sprotten are approximately 5-9 cm long (size may vary) and are perfect as a small reward or even as a jackpot in training.For all sort of dogshigh Proteinsourcewhole fishOmega 3

Perro Horse Jerky
PERRO Horse Jerky: An irresistible treat for selective dogs! Indulge in the tender, soft to medium-hard strips of PERRO Horse Jerky, made from 100% pure horse meat. Easy to chew, these strips are perfect for puppies in the teething phase and older dogs. As a single-protein snack, it's an exquisite delicacy for dogs with allergies and intolerances. A delicate glaze of malt and minerals enhances acceptance, even for picky eaters. PERRO Horse Jerky provides the perfect variation in a balanced diet. Discover this flavorful reward, ideal for puppies and seniors! For puppies & seniors Single-protein horse Irresistible taste Soft & easy to chew

Hirschalm naftie Chew Antlers Half
Our mineral-rich and odorless antlers offer your dog long-lasting chewing enjoyment. The antlers come from renewable shedding stag antlers and are 100% natural. We exclusively use antlers from the natural shedding process of the animals, ensuring they are of the highest quality. These durable antlers are non-sticky and provide an ideal pastime for your dog. Our antlers are a fantastic way to provide your dog with natural minerals while they enjoy hours of chewing pleasure. FEEDING RECOMMENDATION 1 - 8 kg size XS 8 - 15 kg size S 15 - 25 kg size M  25 - 35 kg size L  35 - 45 kg size XL  everything over 45 kg size XXL

From €7.70
AniCanis Cheese Bone
AniCanis cheese chew bones made from 100% fresh german pasture milk are the perfect choice for your dog's dental care. They support natural dental and gum health while promoting a healthy jaw muscle. These chew bones are gluten-free, lactose-free, and free from additives, making them suitable for dogs with sensitive digestive systems or allergies. FEATURES dental care and jaw muscle support, reduces unwanted chewing on objects, regulates appetite and keeps your dog satisfied, gluten- and grain-free, made from 100% fresh german pasture milk without additives, odorless, reusable, and contains natural vitamins and minerals COMPOSITION 100% cow's milk (german pasture milk), partly skimmed, pressed, dried, and cut. Without additives or preservatives!ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS crude protein 65%, crude fat 15%, crude ash 4%, crude fiber 0.4%, water 12% IMPORTANT NOTE AniCanis cheese chew bones are natural products, so they may vary slightly in shape, color, size, and weight. Please supervise your dog while chewing to ensure safe and appropriate consumption. These chew bones are not a substitute for a complete meal. Allow your dog to chew on them for a reasonable period, then store them in a dry place to prolong their enjoyment.

Perro Horse Skin
PERRO horsehide is a robust chew snack that is ideal for allergy-prone dogs. Horse meat is often used in exclusion diets because it is generally very well tolerated. The strips are made from pure, dried horsehide and are excellent for dental care as they keep your dog engaged for longer periods. Furthermore, horsehide is low in fat and extremely rich in protein. This also makes it a welcome alternative for dogs prone to overweight.100% horseharder texturefor dogs prone to overweightlow in fat & high in protein

Content: 0.2 kg (€27.50 / 1 kg)

Hirschalm naftie Chew Antlers whole
Our mineral-rich and odorless antlers offer your dog long-lasting chewing enjoyment. The antlers come from renewable shedding stag antlers and are 100% natural. We exclusively use antlers from the natural shedding process of the animals, ensuring they are of the highest quality. These durable antlers are non-sticky and provide an ideal pastime for your dog. Our antlers are a fantastic way to provide your dog with natural minerals while they enjoy hours of chewing pleasure. FEEDING RECOMMENDATION 1 - 8 kg size XS 8 - 15 kg size S 15 - 25 kg size M  25 - 35 kg size L  35 - 45 kg size XL  everything over 45 kg size XXL

From €7.70
Perro Bull Pizzles
PERRO whole bull pizzles are gently air-dried. They offer an exceptionally long-lasting and tough chewing pleasure, even for strong chewers. Bull pizzles are extremely rich in protein, while being simultaneously low in fat. Extended chewing supports teeth cleaning and the development of a healthy bite, making them a significant contributor to your pet's dental health!long-lasting chewing enjoymentespecially toughrich in proteinlow in fat

DeliBest Water Buffalo Tail
Dried water buffalo tail is a special and carefully selected delicacy. The tail of the water buffalo contains not only lean meat but also cartilage and skin. The included skin is rich in collagen protein, which provides ideal support for joints and connective tissues. The contained cartilage serves as a natural source of calcium. This chew is also excellent for dogs prone to overweight since it is low in fat. A gentle drying method ensures that the natural trace elements are preserved to the fullest. dried water buffalo tails natural calcium source tough chew grain-free & gluten-free FEATURES Water buffalo tail has a robust texture and is therefore ideal for dental care. Chewing helps reduce dental plaque and naturally prevents the formation of tartar. The water buffalo oxtail is lightly enhanced with a touch of malt, increasing acceptance and digestibility. The included B vitamins also support the nervous system.

Perro Horse Liver
PERRO Horse Liver is a flavorful, dried snack for moments in between. Rich in valuable vitamins and minerals such as iron, Vitamin B, and A, this treat preserves these nutrients well through our gentle manufacturing process. However, due to its high content of certain substances, liver should not be a daily staple in a dog's diet. Ideal for dogs prone to allergies and intolerances, PERRO Horse Liver offers a tasty variation to a selective diet and is typically embraced even by picky eaters. This delectable treat provides not just a satisfying indulgence but also a source of essential nutrients for your canine companion. Treat your dog to the goodness of PERRO Horse Liver, a delightful and nutritious option for those special moments.Untouched by additives100% Single-Protein HorseHigh vitamin and mineral contentIrresistible taste

Chewies Coffee wood
Chewies coffee wood chew sticks offer your furry friend a unique chewing experience and are a perfect alternative to ordinary sticks from the forest. The chew sticks made from coffee wood have a pleasant, grippable shape and are popular with dogs of all ages and sizes. Coffee wood is heavier and harder than our native tree species, providing robust wood that offers long-lasting chewing pleasure. Depending on your dog's biting strength, our coffee wood chew sticks can provide chewing enjoyment for several weeks.The handcrafted Chewies coffee woods are tested for contaminants and are made from 100% caffeine-free wood from coffee trees. These natural products vary in shape, size, and color, providing your dog with a sustainable, vegan chewing delight.CHARACTERISTIC100% naturalgrain and gluten-freevegansuitable for dogs with allergiessuitable for puppies and seniorschewing relaxes and can reduce stresscan support mechanical teeth cleaning

From €10.95
Chewies Olive Wood
Chewies Olive Woods are robust chew toys, crafted from the gnarled olive trees of Italy, which are among the hardest woods in the world. These natural pieces of wood offer your beloved four-legged friend a special chewing incentive and are highly popular among dogs. The olive woods are exceptionally resilient and chew-resistant, and their smooth wood doesn't absorb liquids, odors, or fats. Therefore, they are suitable not only for indoor use but also for outdoor play and serve as safe fetch toys. Our olive woods are sourced sustainably. The pruning of olive trees, necessary for bearing new fruits, serves as the raw material for these chew toys. The wood is tested for contaminants and obtained through eco-friendly practices. These 100% natural and untreated woods are extremely tough and durable, providing your dog with long-lasting chewing enjoyment. In addition to promoting natural chewing behavior, they can contribute to dental care by helping to remove plaque.  Our olive woods are 100% natural, vegan, and suitable for allergy-sensitive dogs. They are sold without genetic engineering and animal testing, available in various sizes, and provide relaxation during chewing, which can reduce stress. They are also suitable for dogs with strong bites and can support mechanical teeth cleaning.

From €9.95
Perro Deer Tendons
Deer Tendons - an exclusive chewing delight for all dogs. These deer tendons consist of 100% pure single-protein deer, making them ideal for dogs with allergies and sensitivities to other protein sources. Finding suitable chew items for dental care can be challenging for these dogs. Deer tendons naturally support teeth cleaning and simultaneously strengthen the jaw muscles. The tough consistency of the tendons contributes to reducing plaque buildup. As the deer tendons are not overly large, they provide an ideal pastime for smaller dog breeds as well. Naturally, the tendons are grain-free and gluten-free. With their particularly low fat content, even dogs prone to overweight can be rewarded. A fine malt coating further enhances acceptance and digestibility, providing essential nutrients such as B-vitamins for strong nerves.Scope of delivery: 200g

Perro Lamb Tripe
Lamb Tripe - one of the most popular chew treats for dogs. If a dog reacts to other common protein sources with allergies or sensitivities, lamb tripe is an ideal alternative. Tripe is softer than other chew items, making it suitable for seniors or puppies as well. These tasty lamb tripe chew sticks are approximately 12-15cm long (size may vary due to the natural product) and are very protein-rich. Lamb tripe tends to have a higher fat content, making it particularly suitable for rewarding more active dogs. The snack consists of 100% lamb tripe and is therefore naturally gluten- and grain-free, generally well-tolerated by nutrition-sensitive dogs. As with all chew rewards, dental care is actively supported.Scope of delivery: 500g

Perro Horse Skin With Fur
Horsehide with fur is a very special treat for dogs, perfect for those little moments of indulgence in between. The fur on the horsehide helps effectively clean your dog's teeth and can have a positive impact on digestion.100% horsetough texturesuitable for allergy suffererslow in fatNATURAL DENT CAREChewing on horsehide with fur helps remove plaque and clean your dog's teeth. This supports dental health and ensures fresh breath.DIGESTION AIDThis treat can have a positive effect on digestion, promoting your dog's overall well-being.ALLERGY FRIENDLYDue to the use of horse protein as a selective protein source, this chew is particularly suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. It can be fed as a supplement to a selective diet.LONG LASTING CHEWING PLEASUREThe tough texture of horsehide keeps dogs busy while chewing, providing an enjoyable challenge and helping reduce stress.

Content: 0.25 kg (€67.60 / 1 kg)

Perro Water Buffalo Meat
Dried water buffalo meat - a tasty alternative to conventional sources of protein that appeals not only to dogs with allergies or intolerances. Our water buffalo meat is gently dried, preserving its full, meaty flavor and natural ingredients as effectively as possible. The firm texture of the dried meat pieces also promotes your dog's natural dental care. The abrasion helps reduce plaque buildup, preventing the formation of tartar. Water buffalo meat can be given either as a delicious snack in between meals or as a protein-rich supplement to a selective diet plan. Naturally, this dried chew product is gluten- and grain-free.dried water buffalo meatsingle protein snackgrain-free and gluten-freemoderate fat content

Content: 0.2 kg (€44.50 / 1 kg)

Perro Water Buffalo Horns
Water buffalo horn tips are an extremely robust chew activity for dogs. For dogs suffering from allergies and sensitivities, finding suitable chew treats can often be challenging. The horn tips, due to their unique shape, are particularly inviting for chewing. They satisfy dogs' natural chewing and playing instincts while contributing to the natural cleaning of teeth and strengthening jaw muscles. FEATURES Low in fat, grain-free and gluten-free, long-lasting chewing pleasure, tasty variety, satisfies chewing and playing instincts, supports dental cleaning, very high protein content, low fat content.

Perro Salmon skin
The dried Perro salmon skin is a pure natural product derived from fresh salmon. Through gentle processing and pure air-drying, the positive properties of salmon are preserved, especially Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. This irresistible fish snack appeals not only to dogs but also to most cats.Scope of delivery: 50g

Perro Lamb Scalp
For nutrition-sensitive dogs and discerning gourmets, Lamb Scalp is the perfect chew! It provides a natural solution for dogs with allergies or sensitivities to common protein sources. Chewing on this scalp not only cleans teeth and gums but also reduces plaque and hinders the formation of tartar. Made from 100% lamb, it's an excellent choice for exclusion diets with lamb protein. Enhanced with a fine layer of malt, it elevates acceptance and supports digestion and the nervous system. Naturally gluten-free and grain-free.Scope of delivery: 200g

Perro Deer Ears with Fur
Deer Ears with Fur - a natural chew treat from the wild. These naturally dried deer ears not only provide a tasty pastime but also support dental care and digestion. Not only dogs prone to allergies and sensitivities can be indulged with this delicious snack. Chewing on the fur helps clean the teeth, potentially reducing the formation of tartar. Additionally, the hair aids in natural intestinal cleansing. This selective chew treat is inherently gluten-free and grain-free, consisting of 100% single-protein deer.Scope of delivery: 1 piece.


FAQ: Chew Treats for Dogs

Why are chew treats important for dogs?

Chew treats not only provide entertaining activity for dogs, but also contribute to dental health by removing plaque and massaging the gums. Additionally, they prevent dogs from chewing on furniture or other objects that might be dangerous.

What types of chew treats are available for dogs?

There are a variety of chew treats for dogs, including bones, chew sticks, chew balls, chew rings, dried meat chew snacks, and more. All of our chew treats are made from completely natural raw materials, which are by-products of meat production.

How do I choose the right chew treat for my dog?

The choice of the right chew treat depends on your dog's size, chewing behavior, and preferences. Be sure to choose chew treats made from high-quality, safe materials.

Are chew treats safe for all dogs?

Chew treats are generally safe as long as they are suitable for your dog's size and chewing behavior and are made from high-quality materials. However, always supervise your pet while they are chewing.

How often should I give my dog a chew treat?

The frequency with which you should give your dog a chew treat depends on your dog's individual needs and preferences. Some dogs enjoy daily chewing, while others only do it occasionally.

How can I ensure my dog doesn't swallow the chew treat?

It's important to give your dog chew treats that are large enough to prevent swallowing and to always supervise your pet while they are chewing. Remove worn or too small chew treats.

Which chew treats are particularly good for large dogs?

For large dogs, robust chew treats like large bones or durable chew sticks are recommended. These are long-lasting and safe while satisfying the need to chew.

Which chew treats are suitable for small dogs?

For small dogs, lighter and smaller chew treats like chew rings or soft chew toys are often better suited to provide chewing pleasure without overwhelming them.

Are there vegan or vegetarian chew treats for dogs?

Yes, we also offer vegan or vegetarian chew treats that are free from animal ingredients while still providing a satisfying chewing experience. Examples include coffee wood or olive wood as excellent vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

Which chew treats are particularly good for puppies?

For puppies, soft chew treats or special puppy chew toys are ideal as they are gentle on their still sensitive teeth while promoting chewing behavior.