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Dog blankets

Traumhund Traumhund Jagddeckerl Loden
The Jagddeckerl Loden by Traumhund is an essential natural product in your dog's basic equipment. Made from fulled virgin wool, it offers numerous advantages. Loden can absorb moisture without feeling wet, is breathable, and provides excellent temperature regulation. The Jagddeckerl Loden protects your dog from the cold ground without overheating. It is dirt-repellent and odor-neutral. This versatile blanket is handcrafted and is perfect as a finishing touch for dog mattresses, dog cushions, dog beds, or sofas. It's also great as a car blanket. Easy to care for, machine washable at 30 degrees (gentle cycle), but not suitable for the wool wash cycle or dryer. SIZESS/M: 70×100 cmL/XL: 100×150 cmfulled virgin wool machine washable at 30 degrees (gentle cycle) breathable and temperature-regulating natural thermal function resistant to dirt and moisture

Traumhund Traumhund Dog Blanket Organic 95
The dog blanket "Organic 95" from DreamDog is the perfect complement to our orthopedic sleeping places from the Organic 95 product line. This blanket offers the highest level of hygiene and allergen-free comfort for your dog. FEATURES The dog blanket "Organic 95" is made of cotton and synthetic down and is boilable at 95 degrees Celsius. This effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and parasites without the use of chemicals. It is particularly suitable for allergic dogs and reduces the risk of reinfection in case of parasite infestation. Stylish design and reversible feature make this blanket stand out with modern color combinations and intricate stitching. Depending on your color choice, you can reverse the blanket to perfectly complement your interior. USE The dog blanket is suitable for snuggling, as a cushion for dog mattresses, dog pillows, or dog beds, and as a padded base in the car or during travel. CLEANING RECOMMENDATION The "Organic 95" dog blanket is machine washable at 95 degrees Celsius and can be tumble dried. SIZES S/M: approx. 65x100 cm L/XL: approx. 100x130 cm Provide the highest sleeping comfort for your dog with the "Organic 95" dog blanket from DreamDog.


The Perfect Dog Blanket for Your Four-Legged Friend

When it comes to providing your dog with comfort and warmth, there’s nothing better than a high-quality dog blanket. They offer a versatile sleeping and resting area for your furry friend, which is easy to transport and clean. Additionally, they provide protection from cold floors and a cozy base for your pet. Dog blankets are perfect for use in the car to protect the back seat or the trunk and to create a comfortable environment for your dog during travel. They offer protection against dirt, hair, and scratches and help keep your car clean and neat even when your dog is along for the ride.

In addition to their obvious use as a cozy base, our dog blankets offer much more. They are perfect for training sessions or as a soothing retreat for anxious dogs.

There are various types of dog blankets, including sleeping blankets, sofa protectors, outdoor blankets, and car blankets. Each type offers different advantages in terms of warmth, softness, and durability. The choice of the right blanket depends on your dog’s individual needs, preferences, and activities.

Sleeping blankets are very soft, but not very dirt-resistant. In contrast, a car blanket or an outdoor blanket offers special protection against moisture, hair, and dirt. Consider where you intend to use the blanket, as different applications require different models.

Depending on the use, the blanket is made from different materials. A car blanket or furniture protector is made from water-repellent materials, while an outdoor blanket has a waterproof underside. Depending on the season, the top material may be cooling or warming. It should also be lightweight and easy to transport, preferably foldable. Regardless of which blanket you choose, make sure it is easy to clean, ideally in the washing machine. All our dog blankets are machine-washable.

Choosing the Right Size for the Dog Blanket

The right size for a dog blanket depends on your dog’s body size and sleeping habits. A blanket should be large enough to cover your dog completely and provide enough space for stretching. Measure your dog’s length and width while lying down and choose a blanket that matches these measurements or is slightly larger. However, if you need a blanket for the trunk or back seat, measure the available space there.

FAQ: Dog Blankets

How do I clean a dog blanket?

The cleaning of a dog blanket depends on the material. Most blankets can be cleaned in the washing machine, depending on the material and care instructions from the manufacturer. Use mild detergents and select a gentle wash cycle to ensure the durability of the blanket. Thoroughly dry the blanket before using it again.

Are your dog blankets machine-washable?

Yes, all our dog blankets are machine-washable and can be easily cleaned to keep them fresh and clean. Remove loose hair and dirt before washing and follow the care instructions from the manufacturer to ensure the durability of the blanket.