Dog Care

joveg Dog Paw Bath

Our "Dog Paw Bath" soap flakes are the ideal care for your dog's sensitive paws. APPLICATION Dissolve the soap flakes in lukewarm water, soak your dog's paws in it for a few minutes, and then rinse. A light drying is sufficient as a protective film forms. The application can be repeated as often as needed. DOSAGE Approximately one heaped tablespoon per liter of water. Spoil your dog and take care of their paws with our Dog Paw Bath. Show them the loving attention they deserve.

Content: 60 g (€82.50 / 500 g)

joveg Dog Care Soap “SHAMPOO”

Our dogs love to roam in nature and explore everything that piques their curiosity. However, this often leaves traces in their fur that require thorough yet gentle care. Our dog care soap "Shampoo" is the ideal product for this task. This natural soap not only cleans gently but also gives the fur a healthy shine and makes it easier to comb long hair. The dog care soap "Shampoo" is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and dogs prone to dandruff. With this soap, your four-legged friend's fur will be clean, shiny, and easy to comb, so they look fresh after their adventures in nature. INGREDIENTS cocos nucifera oil, helianthus annuus seed oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, ricinus communis oil, rosmarinus officinalis oil, mentha piperita oil, lavandula angustifolia oil, salvia officinalis oil, eugenia caryophyllus leaf oil, linalool*, eugenol*, alpha-pinene*, beta-pinene*, camphene*, limonene*, camphor*, terpineol* (*from natural essential oils)

Content: 0.1 kg (€119.00 / 1 kg)

joveg Miracle Care For Your Dog

Dog paws endure the harsh conditions of winter with road salt and icy snow, as well as the scorching summer pavements. The dangerous UV radiation from the sun can stress a dog's sensitive skin, and dogs with minimal fur are even at risk of sunburn. Small injuries or surgeries often leave delicate scar tissue behind. Overall, your dog's skin can become stressed and vulnerable due to environmental factors. In moments like these, caring and gentle maintenance is crucial. This specialized formula gently soothes stressed skin and encourages the natural healing process. NATURAL INGREDIENTSShea butter, cocoa butter, and marigold are like balm for the skin of our four-legged friends. FEATUREgentle care for stressed skin activation of the natural healing process natural ingredients for maximum comfort especially suitable for paws, scars, and sensitive skin areas protection against environmental factors like road salt and UV radiation Give your dog the care it deserves and provide comfort and relief. "WUNDer-Care-Dog" is the solution for the skin needs of your dog throughout all seasons. Trust in our expertise and pamper your four-legged friend with tender, loving care.

Content: 80 g (€118.44 / 500 g)

joveg Dog Care Soap "APRÈS PLAISIR"

Our "APRÈS PLAISIR" natural soap is the solution to a common problem that many dog owners are familiar with. Dogs are often drawn to scents outdoors, like feces, carrion, or other strong odors, which they find irresistible but can be quite unpleasant for humans. Our grooming soap not only cleans thoroughly and gently but also has odor-neutralizing properties. What sets this soap apart are the ground (decaffeinated) coffee beans, which effectively neutralize unwanted odors. TIP: After washing, wrap your dog in a towel or use a bathrobe to dry them comfortably and keep your home clean. Our "APRÈS PLAISIR" soap is also suitable for long-haired dogs, and their fur can be brushed after drying. It's an effective solution for keeping your dog's coat fresh and clean after they've enjoyed their outdoor adventures.

Content: 0.1 kg (€119.00 / 1 kg)

joveg Soap Bags

Our sisal soap pouch is a versatile accessory for the care of natural soaps. You can place your grooming soap inside the pouch and use it for effective washing with a massaging effect. Moreover, this pouch is ideal for collecting soap remnants and fully utilizing them. A practical and decorative soap pouch that also makes a special gift! SIZE14 x 11 cm

joveg Dog Care Soap “SENSITIVE”

For dogs suffering from allergies or sensitivities, proper care is crucial. Our "Sensitive" grooming soap has been developed in collaboration with veterinarians and animal health practitioners, specifically tailored to meet the needs of sensitive dogs. This natural soap not only cleanses thoroughly and gently but also includes emollient ingredients that provide extra care for delicate canine skin. An important advantage is that it is free from any additives such as fragrances. This allows sensitive dogs to enjoy their time in nature without being troubled by skin issues.

Content: 0.1 kg (€119.00 / 1 kg)

joveg Dog Care Soap "ZENZEM"

Our dog care soap "ZENZEM" is the ideal product for soothing stressed and irritated skin in dogs. Developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and animal health practitioners, it contributes to the prevention of skin problems and alleviates itching. This soap supports the regeneration of diseased and injured skin through gentle cleansing and soothing rehydration. With "ZENZEM," your beloved four-legged friend's skin receives the care it needs.

Content: 0.1 kg (€119.00 / 1 kg)

joveg Dog Care Soap "DEFENSE"

Our dog care soap "DEFENSE" offers a natural solution for cleaning fur and skin, free from chemical ingredients. This soap harnesses the protective powers of nature, as pests avoid the scent of essential oils. After use, when your dog carries the fragrance of these essential oils, their skin and fur become unappealing to insects. APPLICATION During a relaxing bath, dampen the fur with lukewarm water, gently lather the soap into the fur, and rinse thoroughly after a short exposure time. INGREDIENTS cocos nucifera oil, aqua, olea europaea oil, Helianthus annuus seed oil, carthamus tinctorius oil, sodium hydroxide, ricinus communis oil, citrus grandis oil, thymus vulgaris oil, melaleuca alternifolia oil, limonene*, linalool* (*from natural essential oils) Our "DEFENSE" soap is the natural choice for caring for your dog and gently shielding them from pests.

Content: 0.1 kg (€119.00 / 1 kg)

joveg Dog Care Soap "PEACE"

The dog soap "PEACE" provides natural care and cleansing for skin infections in dogs. Developed in collaboration with animal naturopaths and veterinarians, it is particularly gentle and well-tolerated. FEATURESThe 100g soap contains high-quality plant oils and natural ingredients such as burdock root, thyme, and oregano. Free from synthetic additives and petroleum products, it ensures a gentle cleansing for sensitive skin. Application: The soap should be used for a minimum of 3 weeks. After washing the dog, "PEACE" is applied twice daily to the affected areas with a slightly damp sponge. Long-haired dogs can be washed daily if necessary. EFFECTThe natural ingredients soothe stressed, itchy skin and support the regeneration process in cases of skin infections. INGREDIENTSolive oil coconut oil water rapeseed oil sodium hydroxide castor oil grapefruit oil greater burdock german chamomile oregano thyme limonene* (*from natural essential oils)  Pamper your dog with the natural care it deserves – the dog soap "PEACE."

Content: 0.1 kg (€119.00 / 1 kg)

joveg Leather And Saddle Soap

Our handcrafted leather soap combines cleaning and conditioning in a single step, offering versatility in its application. This saddle soap was specially formulated for cleaning, conditioning, and moisturizing smooth leather but can also be used on leather car seats, furniture, leather apparel, bags, or dog leashes. It boasts strong cleansing properties capable of removing even stubborn dirt. The convenient metal tin ensures the saddle soap is readily accessible and perfect for daily use. APPLICATION Only a small amount of water is required to work the soap into the leather. In the case of heavily grained leather, pay particular attention to the deeper crevices. In such instances, a soft brush can be useful. Otherwise, the soap can be easily applied with a sponge. When applied correctly, the saddle soap forms a fine layer of foam. After cleaning, wipe away the foam and any residual soap. Subsequently, allow the leather to dry. Thanks to the special composition of our natural saddle soap, there is no need for additional conditioning. The cleaning process already provides the necessary conditioning to maintain the leather's elasticity and seal its pores, preventing dirt from infiltrating. NATURAL INGREDIENTS Our saddle soap is exclusively made from all-natural ingredients, devoid of petroleum-based products, silicones, microplastics, palm oil, or animal components. Our packaging is plastic-free and eco-friendly. INGREDIENTS cocos nucifera oil aqua canola oil helianthus annuus seed oil sodium hydroxide helianthus annuus seed wax Our leather soap offers an environmentally friendly and effective solution for the care and cleaning of leather products.

Content: 95 g (€14.63 / 100 g)

joveg Dog Grooming Spray

Our natural spray solution is the answer to unwanted lodgers in your four-legged friend's fur, who like to nestle during walks in nature. This solution makes the skin and fur unattractive to these pests while providing some care. APPLICATION Distribute a few sprays on your dog's fur or spray the solution into your hand and gently apply it to the fur. INGREDIENTSAqua, Cocos nucifera oil, Olea europaea oil, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Carthamus tinctorius oil, Sodium hydroxide, Ricinus communis oil, Alcohol, Citrus grandis oil, Thymus vulgaris oil, Melaleuca alternifolia oil, Limonene*, Linalool* (*from natural sources, essential oils). With our natural spray solution, you protect your dog from unwelcome lodgers and give him the care he deserves.

joveg Dog Ears Liquid

The ears of our beloved four-legged friends are constantly exposed to the elements, making them particularly sensitive. Special care is essential to prevent problems. Our Ear Liquid provides the perfect solution for gentle and mild ear care for dogs. INGREDIENTS olea europaea oil, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, aqua, alcohol denat., bazzania trilobata.

Content: 30 ml (€53.17 / 100 ml)