Perro Perro Beetroot

Discover the benefits of beetroot supplement for dogs. Improve their health and vitality with this natural addition to their diet. Find quality dog food and accessories at our online store.


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"Perro Beetroot"
Beetroot, also known as beet or beetroot, is highly regarded by experts as a remarkable vegetable that offers numerous health benefits. This versatile root vegetable is not only delicious but also extremely nutrient-rich. It contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that have a positive impact on your dog's health. 

  • rich in iron, potassium, vitamin B, & folic acid 
  • supports blood formation & the immune system 
  • healthy & natural 
  • gluten-free & grain-free 

strengthening and appetite-stimulating: Beetroot is generally considered strengthening and appetite-stimulating, which is especially beneficial for picky eaters. Promotes bile secretion: This root vegetable can promote bile secretion, thereby supporting digestion. Rich in iron: Beetroot's high iron content contributes to blood formation and can have a positive effect on respiration. This also makes it useful in preventing respiratory infections. Immune system boost: Beetroot is often used to boost the immune system, thanks to its nutrient-rich profile, especially its high folate content. Health-promoting: Beetroot is abundant in vitamin B, potassium, and iron, making it an extremely healthy choice for your dog. Naturally colored: It's important to note that beetroot can slightly color feces and urine red. 

no additional vitamins and minerals are intentionally added to preserve the selective nature of these products.
Variety: Vegan

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