Perro Perro Deer Tendons

Du interessierst dich für Hunde-Kauartikel? Entdecke bei hirschsehen das beste Hundefutter und hochwertiges Hundezubehör für deinen treuen Begleiter.


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Art.-Nr.: SW10275
EAN: WH-2835
"Perro Deer Tendons"
Deer Tendons - an exclusive chewing delight for all dogs. These deer tendons consist of 100% pure single-protein deer, making them ideal for dogs with allergies and sensitivities to other protein sources. Finding suitable chew items for dental care can be challenging for these dogs. Deer tendons naturally support teeth cleaning and simultaneously strengthen the jaw muscles. The tough consistency of the tendons contributes to reducing plaque buildup. As the deer tendons are not overly large, they provide an ideal pastime for smaller dog breeds as well. Naturally, the tendons are grain-free and gluten-free. With their particularly low fat content, even dogs prone to overweight can be rewarded. A fine malt coating further enhances acceptance and digestibility, providing essential nutrients such as B-vitamins for strong nerves.
Scope of delivery: 200g
Variety: Wild

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