Perro Perro Fruits Vegetable Muesli

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"Perro Fruits Vegetable Muesli"
If you're searching for a tasty and healthy addition to your dog's diet, then PERRO Grain-Free Dog Muesli is the perfect choice! This premium complementary pet food combines carefully selected ingredients into a harmonious recipe that is not only delicious but also nutritious. 

  • dog muesli 
  • vegetables & fruits 
  • tasty & savory 

Natural Ingredients: Carrot flakes, carob, potato flakes, alfalfa, pea flakes, beetroot, leek, and parsley form the foundation of this dog muesli. Fruit Content: Pineapple, apricot, dates, bananas, and cranberries provide a fruity flavor and an additional nutrient boost. Grain-Free: This muesli is grain-free, making it an excellent option for dogs with allergies. Ideal for BARF: It can also be used effectively as a supplement in a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding) diet. 

No additional vitamins and minerals are intentionally added to preserve the selective nature of these products. Please note that 25g of dried flakes are roughly equivalent to about 100g of fresh fruit. Fruit naturally contains sugar and should be used sparingly.
Variety: Vegan

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