Perro Perro Rice Flakes With Vegetables

Looking for a nutritious supplement for dogs? Discover our rice flakes with vegetables, perfect for your furry friend's diet. Find dog food and accessories at our store.


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Art.-Nr.: 181081
"Perro Rice Flakes With Vegetables"
PERRO Rice Flakes with Vegetables are an excellent choice when it comes to stomach-friendliness and digestibility for your dog. This unique blend of dog flakes has been specially designed for sensitive and older dogs and is ideal for a balanced diet. 

Stomach-friendly and easily digestible, perfect for sensitive dogs. When combined with stomach- and intestine-friendly meat varieties such as poultry, this product is excellent as a dietary food, especially for stomach and intestinal problems. The rice flakes harmonize perfectly with carrot flakes, leeks, and lovage to create a tasty and digestible whole. 

No additional vitamins and minerals are intentionally added to preserve the selective nature of these products.
Variety: Vegan

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