Perro Perro Vegetables Mix

Looking for a nutritious supplement for dogs? Try our vegetables mix supplement, packed with essential nutrients for your furry friend. Shop now for the best dog food and accessories.


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"Perro Vegetables Mix"
Indulge your dog in the power of nature with PERRO Vegetable Mix. Whether you're looking to supplement their diet, manage their weight, or accommodate food sensitivities, this product provides the ideal solution. Make the healthy choice for your loyal companion today! This high-quality blend of vegetables and herbs has been carefully curated to offer your furry companion essential nutrients. 

  • carrots, peas, leeks, & beetroot 
  • gluten-free & grain-free 
  • no colorants, preservatives, or flavorings 

Gluten-Free and Grain-Free: PERRO Vegetable Mix contains neither gluten nor grains, making it an excellent choice for dogs with grain sensitivities. Ideal for Weight Management: If your dog needs to shed some pounds, our Vegetable Mix is an excellent choice. It fills your dog's stomach without adding extra calories. Natural Ingredients: Our blend comprises various vegetables and herbs to ensure your dog receives natural nutrients. 

27g of dried flakes equate to approximately 100g of fresh vegetables. We intentionally refrain from adding vitamins and minerals to maintain the natural and selective nature of this product.
Variety: Vegan

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