AniCanis AniCanis Aloe Vera Bio-straight juice
AniCanis Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice is a high-quality natural product specially formulated to holistically support your dog's health. Crafted from 100% organically grown Aloe Vera plants of the Barbadensis Miller variety, our direct juice offers a wealth of valuable ingredients that positively impact the well-being of your furry friend. FEATURES Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice is traditionally known for its supportive effects on the immune system and digestion. The included polysaccharides, particularly Aloverose, are regarded as valuable components to strengthen the immune system and promote normal digestive activity. SKIN HEALTH AND WOUND HEALING AniCanis Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice supports your dog's skin health and aids in natural wound healing. This makes it particularly suitable for care in cases of skin irritations, itching, and minor injuries. ENERGY AND VITALITY Through the unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, our Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice contributes to boosting your dog's energy and vitality. MANUFACTURING The Aloe Vera juice is carefully extracted from early morning harvests of Aloe Vera leaves and hand-filleted to use only the pure gel. With an average Aloverose content of 1200 mg/l, our juice offers the highest quality without artificial additives. A German organic control authority monitors the quality to ensure that your furry companion receives only the best. NATURAL NUTRIENTS Contained polysaccharides, Aloverose, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids support your dog's health in a purely plant-based way. Give your dog the best of nature – AniCanis Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice, a valuable supplement for holistic animal health. However, please note that our juice is not a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Content: 0.5 L (€33.90 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Cheese Crunchys
AniCanis CHEESE CRUNCHYS are irresistible crispy treats, perfect for training and rewards. They are purely vegetarian, made in Germany from fresh pasture milk, and are rich in high-quality protein and calcium. These crunchies are easily digestible and ideal for on-the-go. Without additives or preservatives. The perfect natural reward for your dog. COMPOSITION  100% milk, partially skimmed, pressed, dried, and sliced. Without additives or preservatives! ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS crude protein 67.7%, crude fat 14.5%, crude fiber 0.3%, crude ash 5.0%, moisture 9.4%. FEEDING RECOMMENDATION  AniCanis CHEESE CRUNCHYS are perfect snacks for in-between meals or as rewards and training treats for your dog.

Content: 0.06 kg (€165.83 / 1 kg)

AniCanis AniCanis Cheese Minis
It's all about cheese here! Our AniCanis CHEESE-MINIS are delicious, purely vegetarian treats that are rich in calcium. Your four-legged friend will adore this natural snack. They are perfect for training or as small rewards in between. Our AniCanis CHEESE-MINIS reward cheese bites are more than just ordinary dog biscuits. They are lovingly and carefully produced in Germany from fresh pasture milk. They impress not only with their delightful taste but also with their high quality. The meat-free recipe makes them an excellent choice for dogs with allergies or intolerances to meat products. Thanks to their meat-free recipe, they are also suitable for dogs with special dietary needs. Spoil your loyal companion with this special vegetarian snack and feel the joy it brings to them. With our AniCanis CHEESE-MINIS reward cheese bites, you are giving your furry friend an extra dose of love and attention. COMPOSITION Milk and dairy products 90%, vegetable by-products (potato 10%). Without additives or preservatives! ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS crude protein 28.5%, crude fat 17.2%, crude fiber 0.3%, crude ash 6.1% FEEDING RECOMMENDATION AniCanis CHEESE-MINIS are perfect as small snacks, treats, or rewards in between. They are also ideal as training treats for well-behaved dogs!

Content: 0.15 kg (€99.67 / 1 kg)

AniCanis AniCanis Cheese Bone
AniCanis cheese chew bones made from 100% fresh german pasture milk are the perfect choice for your dog's dental care. They support natural dental and gum health while promoting a healthy jaw muscle. These chew bones are gluten-free, lactose-free, and free from additives, making them suitable for dogs with sensitive digestive systems or allergies. FEATURES dental care and jaw muscle support, reduces unwanted chewing on objects, regulates appetite and keeps your dog satisfied, gluten- and grain-free, made from 100% fresh german pasture milk without additives, odorless, reusable, and contains natural vitamins and minerals COMPOSITION 100% cow's milk (german pasture milk), partly skimmed, pressed, dried, and cut. Without additives or preservatives!ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS crude protein 65%, crude fat 15%, crude ash 4%, crude fiber 0.4%, water 12% IMPORTANT NOTE AniCanis cheese chew bones are natural products, so they may vary slightly in shape, color, size, and weight. Please supervise your dog while chewing to ensure safe and appropriate consumption. These chew bones are not a substitute for a complete meal. Allow your dog to chew on them for a reasonable period, then store them in a dry place to prolong their enjoyment.

AniCanis AniCanis Coconut Tooth Giant
The AniCanis Organic Coconut Dental Giants are the ideal choice for your dog's dental care. Made with 100% organic coconut pulp and rich in lauric acid, they help prevent tartar and bad breath. These treats are also suitable for sensitive dogs and support not only dental health but also promote healthy digestion and a shiny coat. COMPOSITION 100% coconut pulp from controlled organic farming no additives or preservatives ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS crude protein 20.60%, crude fat 2.70%, crude fiber 13.60%, crude ash 6.70% FEEDING RECOMMENDATION Recommended: Maximum 0.5–1g per kg of body weight daily. For example, for a 10 kg dog, you can give them 5–10g of Coconut Dental Giants daily as a reward. The treats can be easily broken into the desired size and should always be offered with plenty of fresh water.

Content: 0.3 kg (€66.50 / 1 kg)

AniCanis AniCanis Coconut Tooth Gnome
Our AniCanis Dental Care Treats, made from 100% organic coconut pulp, contain Lauric acid, which helps reduce the formation of tartar and bad breath. They are also suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion. Our cold-pressed organic coconut treats for dogs are not only delicious but also rich in valuable nutrients. Only the best for your furry friend! Thanks to the fiber content in coconuts, these treats not only promote dental health but also aid in digestion. The oils contained in coconuts contribute to skin and coat health, giving them a silky shine. Even dogs that typically reject black cumin oil will enjoy the healthy fatty acids in our coconut treats! Our treats consist of 100% coconut pulp from controlled organic farming and contain no additives or preservatives. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS crude protein 20.60%, crude fat 2.70%, crude fiber 13.60%, crude ash 6.70% INGREDIENTS 8 essential amino acids, fiber, phytic acid, vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium & potassium, calcium, secondary plant compounds FEEDING RECOMMENDATION Daily, a maximum of approximately 0.5 to 1g per kilogram of body weight. For example, if your dog weighs about 10kg, you can give them 5 to 10g of Coconut Dental Elves as a daily reward treat. Our AniCanis Coconut Sticks can be given as a snack or treat in between meals. They are easily breakable and can be adjusted to the size of your dog. Please make sure your dog always has access to fresh water.

Content: 0.15 kg (€86.33 / 1 kg)

AniCanis AniCanis Dog Moor Elixir with humic acid & phyto-microminerals
AniCanis® HUNDE MOOR: Natural Vital Tonic for Your Pet Discover AniCanis® HUNDE MOOR, a high-quality phyto-moor extract for dogs and cats. This 100% natural peat product provides valuable phyto-microminerals and humic acids to support your pet's well-being. The Power of Moor Our moor, formed by melting glaciers from the Ice Age, contains over 350 plant substances. The highly concentrated humic acid (over 21%) and organic minerals support the digestive tract and overall organism of your pet. Naturally Valuable Ingredients Moors are now appreciated sources of natural vitality. The peat formation process develops valuable acids like humic acid, making AniCanis® HUNDE MOOR a versatile single feed supplement. Humic Acid: Protection for the Gut Humic acid promotes the settlement of essential micro- and probiotics and can naturally protect a healthy digestive tract. It acts like a shield for your pet's intestinal lining. Essential Minerals and Trace Elements AniCanis® HUNDE MOOR provides your pet with important minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as trace elements like iron, sodium, and zinc, supporting your pet's health and vitality. Humic Acid: Enhances nutrient absorption and immune system, aids detoxification, and protects cells. Calcium: Supports strong bones and teeth, cell membranes, and cell division. Magnesium: Activates enzymes, promotes mineral absorption, provides energy, and regulates muscle and nervous system function. Potassium: Maintains water balance and various cell metabolic processes, supports heart and nerve function. Usage Recommendation Bring well-being to your pet's bowl with AniCanis® HUNDE MOOR: Mix into drinking water or directly into food. Recommended amount: 1 ml per kg body weight. Shake well before use. A slight earthy smell after opening is normal and does not affect quality.

Content: 0.5 L (€35.90 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Krabbelschreck Handmade dog soap with effective microorganisms
AniCanis® KRABBELSCHRECK Dog Soap: Pure Nature for Your Pet's Coat Care Discover AniCanis® KRABBELSCHRECK Dog Soap for supporting your dog's coat care. This handmade natural soap provides gentle and thorough cleansing against fleas, mites, and ticks without chemical ingredients. Enjoy the benefits of plant-based dog grooming while supporting the environment with our zero waste pet care solution. Sustainable Coat Care with AniCanis® KRABBELSCHRECK Dog Soap Our plastic-free dog soap is made with high-quality organic oils and is biodegradable, making it the perfect choice for environmentally conscious pet owners. It is vegan and palm oil-free, ensuring it is gentle on your dog's skin and our planet. Ideal Ingredients for Optimal Coat Care The AniCanis® KRABBELSCHRECK Dog Soap contains effective microorganisms that promote a healthy skin environment and support the natural resilience of the skin. It is enriched with: Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera): Disliked by fleas, ticks, and mites, supports the dog's coat with its natural lauric acid. Organic Arnica Oil (Arnica montana): Known for its regenerating properties, it helps rehydrate the skin. Nettle Powder (Urtica dioica): A plant-based additive that can soothe the skin and support the coat structure. Handmade Quality AniCanis® KRABBELSCHRECK Dog Soap is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use high-quality natural ingredients, including organic ones, and guarantee quality through controls in Germany. Suitable for All Coat Types Whether short-haired or long-haired, our dog soap is suitable for all coat types and can even be used for puppies. It is especially suitable for dogs with irritated skin or allergies, as it is free from petroleum derivatives, silicones, and parabens. AniCanis® natural soaps enable eco-friendly pet grooming thanks to their solid form, fine recipes, organic oils, and sustainable packaging, which significantly improve the ecological footprint and drastically reduce plastic waste. AniCanis® KRABBELSCHRECK Dog Soap Overview Supportive cleansing of the coat against mites, ticks, and fleas Thorough and gentle cleansing for irritated skin Effective microorganisms support a healthy skin environment Suitable for all coat types, also for puppies Handmade, vegan, plastic-free, and sustainable Without animal testing and palm oil-free Rehydration through organic arnica oil Free from petroleum derivatives, silicones, and parabens High tolerance thanks to 100% natural product — without chemical additives Sustainable packaging for environmentally conscious pet owners Conclusion: Sustainable & Beneficial Skin Care for Your Pet Pamper your pet with AniCanis® KRABBELSCHRECK Dog Soap while supporting the environment. Try it today and experience the difference in your dog's coat care!

Content: 0.5 L (€25.90 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Ohrvital ear care oil with propolis for dogs
AniCanis® OHRVITAL: Ear Care for Dogs with the Power of Propolis Discover AniCanis® OHRVITAL – ear care for dogs with Propolis. This ear oil, specially developed in natural animal healing practice, harnesses the power of Propolis to provide gentle support for your pet's sensitive ears. Ideal for itching and excessive scratching, it offers your furry friend the chance for noticeably better well-being. The Secret of Our OHRVITAL Ear Oil The unique blend of natural wonders. With Propolis extract, Calendula, Thyme oil, and organic Jojoba oil – each ingredient is renowned for its nourishing and supportive properties. Together, they work harmoniously to gently yet effectively clean and care for your dog's ears. Why Choose AniCanis® OHRVITAL? Origin in Natural Healing Practice: Our expertise flows directly into the development of this natural ear care oil. Gentle Cleansing Power: Specially formulated for mild yet thorough cleaning of sensitive and slightly irritated ears. Comprehensive Support: Whether for earwax, ear mites, or yeast infections, it promotes gentle care and cleaning. Natural Soothing: Gently supports the ear mucosa, ideal for excessive earwax. Protection and Care: Supports the formation of a natural protective film in the stressed ear, promoting vital balance. Irritation Relief: Provides gentle and soothing cleaning for irritations, itching, or redness. Improves Circulation: Promotes local blood circulation, supporting the optimal health of the ears. 100% Natural: Guaranteed free from chemical additives, for pure natural care for your four-legged friend. Unique Recipe: Our original blend of Propolis, Calendula, Jojoba oil, and Thyme oil stands for quality. Valuable Ingredients and Their Beneficial Properties Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis): The heart of our OHRVITAL ear oil. This precious, natural oil intensely moisturizes and promotes skin regeneration. It helps with irritations, making it ideal for the delicate skin in your dog's upper ear area. Calendula Extract (Calendula officinalis): The marigold, a symbol of natural strength, brings its soothing powers to our ear oil. Calendula not only supports skin regeneration but also contributes to the vitality of the ear mucosa. Propolis Extract: A natural wonder created by busy bees. Propolis offers exceptional care properties, supporting the skin's natural processes and forming a protective barrier against external influences. Thyme Oil (Thymus vulgaris): Known from studies for its powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, thyme oil is a key player in our ear oil. It helps keep ears clean and promotes an environment that is less hospitable to excess bacteria and fungi.

Content: 0.02 L (€797.50 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Sensitivbalm care balm for healthy dog ​​skin with organic wax
AniCanis® SENSITIVBALM: Skin and Coat Care Balm for Dogs Is your furry friend a bit sensitive? Discover AniCanis® SENSITIVBALM, our specially developed skin care balm for dogs, created in our own animal healing practice. This 100% natural product is designed for sensitive dog skin and cracked paws, promoting natural skin regeneration. Our sustainable care series features organic oils and organic beeswax from certified organic farming, all lab-tested in Germany. AniCanis® SENSITIVBALM is ideal for skin care and soothing balm for all skin types, including support for irritated skin in allergic dogs. It also provides aftercare for pets with constipation-related sore areas. The Soothing Power of Nature Our years of experience in animal healing have taught us which plant-based ingredients work best to support skin and paw health. The carefully selected ingredients in AniCanis® SENSITIVBALM include: Olive Oil (Olea europaea): An excellent organic olive oil that moisturizes, soothes the skin, and maintains its elasticity. Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera): A valuable organic coconut oil that penetrates deep into the skin, nourishing and making it supple. Beeswax (Cera alba): A natural organic beeswax that protects the skin, promotes regeneration, and has antibacterial properties. Vitamin E (Tocopherol): A powerful antioxidant that can support the skin's natural protection. Crafted with Care AniCanis® SENSITIVBALM is lovingly handcrafted and carefully filled in Bavaria. We ensure that each product is made with respect for our precious ingredients and Mother Earth, without chemical additives or fragrances that might bother sensitive dog noses. Explore more of our care products, like PROPOLIBALM or PFOTIBALM.

Content: 0.05 L (€399.00 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Frisch Felliebt handmade dog soap with organic oils
AniCanis® FRISCH FELLIEBT Dog Soap: Sustainable Coat Care for Your Furry Friend Discover AniCanis® FRISCH FELLIEBT Dog Soap, a handcrafted, plastic-free soap that supports coat care and skin care for your four-legged companion. Gentle Cleansing and Care for All Coat Types AniCanis® FRISCH FELLIEBT Dog Soap is ideal for dry and flaky skin, offering gentle cleansing for all coat types. The natural ingredients, such as organic lava clay, organic olive oil, and organic coconut oil, ensure smooth, shiny dog hair and a healthy appearance for your pet. Handcrafted Quality and True Sustainability As an environmentally conscious pet owner, you know that your dog's health and the planet's health go hand in hand. That's why we focus on handcrafted quality, vegan ingredients, and plastic-free packaging to keep our ecological footprint low. Our coat soaps are biodegradable and packaged in resource-saving paper bands. Ingredients and Their Positive Properties Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera): Coconut oil moisturizes, cares for the skin and coat, helps remove dirt, and promotes healthy skin and hair growth. Olive Oil (Olea europaea): Olive oil nourishes and protects the skin, supporting its natural barrier. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which can promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Wheat Germ Oil (Triticum vulgare): Wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that promote skin regeneration. It supports the natural elasticity of the skin and gives the coat a silky shine. Lava Clay (Hectorite): Lava clay gently cleanses without surfactants, binds excess oil and dirt, supporting the skin's natural self-cleaning. It can be soothing and balancing for sensitive or irritated skin. Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii): Shea butter moisturizes, soothes, and regenerates dry and stressed skin. It supports the skin barrier and gives the coat softness and shine. AniCanis® FRISCH FELLIEBT Dog Soap Overview Natural coat soap for cleansing & coat care Suitable for short-haired and long-haired coats — also suitable for puppies Handcrafted, vegan, plastic-free & sustainable Cruelty-free and palm oil-free Excellent for dry & flaky skin — supports regeneration Gentle cleansing of dirty coats and general coat care Rehydration through the regenerating power of organic lava clay & organic olive oil Supports a protective layer on the skin Free from petroleum derivatives, silicones, and parabens High tolerance thanks to 100% natural product — no chemical additives Plastic-free packaging for a sustainable contribution to the environment

Content: 0.5 L (€25.90 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Atemfrisch organic herbal mix for bad breath for dogs
AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH – The Refreshing Organic Herb Blend for Your Dog Discover AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH organic herb blend for dogs – an innovative and sustainable herb mixture specifically designed to support normal oral hygiene in your dog's mouth odor in a purely biological way. Our years of experience in natural veterinary practice have led us to develop this product. AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH – Natural Plant Power! With AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH, we offer you a natural herbal solution for mouth odor and bad breath in dogs. Trust in our years of experience and give your four-legged friend a fresh smile on their lips. The Individual Organic Herbs in AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH Organic Peppermint Leaves (Mentha piperita) for Dogs: Peppermint possesses natural properties that can help freshen your dog's breath and combat diet-related tartar. Organic Coconut Flour (Cocos nucifera) for Dogs: The components in coconut flour can contribute to your furry friend's natural oral health by supporting the natural cleaning of teeth. Organic Lemon Balm Leaves (Melissa officinalis) for Dogs: The calming properties of lemon balm can help support the mouth area and thus reduce unpleasant mouth odor. Organic Chamomile Flowers (Matricaria chamomilla) for Dogs: Chamomile can assist in neutralizing odors in the mouth and alleviating bad breath in dogs. Organic Basil Leaves (Ocimum basilicum) for Dogs: Basil can help neutralize unpleasant odors in the dog's mouth and improve oral hygiene. Organic Parsley Leaves (Petroselinum crispum) for Dogs: The essential oils contained in parsley can help balance bad breath naturally and support the body. Organic Sage Leaves (Salvia officinalis) for Dogs: The application of sage leaves can promote saliva flow in dogs, thus helping to harmonize undesirable odors in the oral cavity and support gum health. Simple Application of AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH Organic Herb Blend The AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH herb blend can be easily mixed into your dog's daily food. The recommended dosage depends on your dog's weight: Dogs up to 10 kg: Mix 1–2 grams daily into food Dogs over 10 kg: Mix 3 grams daily into food Dogs over 20 kg: Mix 4 grams daily into food Dogs over 30 kg: Mix 5 grams daily into food Example: 1 teaspoon of AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH corresponds to approximately 1.5 grams. The herb mixture can be mixed into wet food. Simply sprinkle the recommended amount of AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH over the food and mix well. In our natural veterinary practice, naftie, we recommend that pet owners start with a small dose when administering AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH organic herb blend for dogs and gradually increase it to the recommended daily dosage. To avoid habituation, it has proven effective in our veterinary practice to administer the mixture intermittently over a period of approximately 12 weeks. Afterward, we recommend taking a break for several weeks or administering a different AniCanis® organic herb blend to introduce new stimuli to the organism. Ideally, this herbal regimen for dogs should be performed 2–3 times a year as needed. Important Please note that our AniCanis® ATEMFRISCH herb blend for dogs is a 100% plant-based complementary feed and not a medicinal product or remedy.

Content: 0.5 L (€39.90 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Propolibalm balsam for Dog skin with Propolis & organic Oil
Natural Skin Protection and Regeneration Discover AniCanis® PROPOLIBALM, a regenerating skin care balm for your four-legged companion. This 100% natural product is composed of propolis extract and organic oils, enriched with vitamin E and lanolin. It provides supportive relief for insect and tick bites and aids in the natural care of skin irritations. AniCanis® PROPOLIBALM is chemical-free and comes in sustainable packaging. The Benefits of AniCanis® PROPOLIBALM at a Glance: Pet-Friendly: Our formula is specially developed for dogs, considering their specific skin care needs. Skin Regeneration: The natural ingredients support the healing process of compromised and irritated skin. Natural Care: Our care balm promotes local blood circulation and supports the natural relief process for mild skin irritations, redness, and itching. Handcrafted: Each balm is lovingly handcrafted and carefully filled, respecting our precious ingredients and Mother Earth. Herbal Knowledge: The extensive experience of our natural animal healing practice enables us to select the best herbal components for our care products. The Ingredients of AniCanis® PROPOLIBALM AniCanis® PROPOLIBALM contains a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients that may promote your dog's skin health: Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis): Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer that helps keep the skin soft and supple. It supports the natural skin barrier and promotes skin cell regeneration. Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera): Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that help nourish and hydrate your dog's skin. It soothes itching and skin irritations and supports the natural defense against bacteria and fungi. Beeswax (Cera alba): Beeswax forms a natural barrier that helps protect the skin from environmental factors. It promotes skin moisture and supports normal wound healing. Lanolin: Lanolin is a natural skin care ingredient that keeps the skin supple and prevents moisture loss. It supports skin regeneration and helps alleviate minor irritations and dryness. Propolis Extract: Propolis is a natural bee product known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties. It supports skin health and promotes natural relief from skin irritations and insect bites. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and supports relief from skin damage. It helps maintain skin elasticity and suppleness and promotes skin renewal.

Content: 0.05 L (€399.00 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Sensibili Handmade dog soap with organic oils for sensitive dog soap
AniCanis® SENSIBILI Dog Soap: Natural Care for Your Furry Companion Discover the AniCanis® SENSIBILI Dog Soap, a premium grooming solution for sensitive canine skin. This handmade natural soap pampers your dog's skin and coat with organic oils while being environmentally friendly and plastic-free. Gentle Cleansing and Care for Sensitive Skin The AniCanis® SENSIBILI Dog Soap is specially designed for sensitive skin types and is ideal for supporting grooming in cases of allergic itching. The moisturizing oils provide gentle cleansing and nourishing care for the skin and coat. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly As a Zero Waste product, the AniCanis® SENSIBILI Dog Soap is an environmentally conscious choice for pet owners. By avoiding plastic packaging, we advocate for the health of our dogs and the planet. Loving Craftsmanship This palm oil-free dog soap is meticulously crafted with care in Germany. It contains many ingredients from organic farming and is completely vegan. Ingredients and Their Beneficial Properties Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera): Moisturizes and supports skin regeneration. Olive Oil (Olea europaea): Rich in antioxidants and vitamins that nourish and protect the skin. Wheat Germ Oil (Triticum vulgare): A potent antioxidant that supports the skin barrier and promotes skin regeneration. Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii): Moisturizes, nourishes, and soothes sensitive and irritated skin. Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis): Provides emollient, soothing, and moisturizing effects, ideal for dry and sensitive skin. AniCanis® SENSIBILI Dog Soap Overview Natural soap for cleansing & grooming dogs with sensitive skin Suitable for short-haired and long-haired dogs, including puppies Handmade, vegan, plastic-free & sustainable — no animal testing and palm oil-free Supports regeneration in sensitive or irritated skin Gentle cleansing of dry and dull coats Replenishing with the regenerative power of almond oil & wheat germ oil Supports a protective layer on the skin For gentle cleaning with a tendency to allergies Free from petroleum derivatives, silicones, and parabens! High tolerance due to 100% natural ingredients — without chemicals Environmentally friendly and sustainable — for a healthy environment Conclusion: Natural Care for Sensitive Furry Friends The AniCanis® SENSIBILI Dog Soap offers gentle and natural care for your dog. With high-quality organic oils and handmade craftsmanship, it supports your dog's skin and coat health in an eco-conscious way.

Content: 0.5 L (€25.90 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Sprühwurst Ade herbal charcoal powder for optimal stool quality
AniCanis® SPRÜHWURST ADE – Herbal Charcoal Powder for Dogs Discover AniCanis® SPRÜHWURST ADE Herbal Charcoal Powder for Dogs, a proven blend of plant charcoal and ground seeds of organic anise, organic fennel, and organic caraway. These traditional spice plants have been known for generations for their supportive properties in combating foul-smelling flatulence and temporary stomach and intestinal problems in our dogs. The combination with plant charcoal enhances the supportive properties of organic anise, organic fennel, and organic caraway in the gastrointestinal tract of our four-legged friends. Our herbal charcoal powder is not only beneficial for the digestive tract but also improves stool consistency and promotes harmonious gastrointestinal function. Additionally, it imparts a pleasant fresh scent. It provides natural support for foul-smelling flatulence and loose stool, thus promoting a vital digestive tract. Ingredients in AniCanis® SPRÜHWURST ADE Plant Charcoal (Carbo vegetabilis): Supports digestion and overall well-being, helps with loose and foul-smelling stool, reduces excessive flatulence, and promotes a vital digestive system. Organic Anise Seeds (Pimpinella anisum): Contain essential oils that stimulate digestion, reduce mild digestive disorders such as foul-smelling flatulence, and promote normal stool consistency. Organic Fennel Seeds (Foeniculum vulgare): Contain valuable essential oils that have soothing properties on the normal gastrointestinal tract and contribute to digestive harmonization. Organic Caraway Seeds (Carum carvi): Support digestion, reduce excessive flatulence, and improve stool consistency, contributing to a vital digestive system. Easy Application in Powder Form AniCanis® SPRÜHWURST ADE Herbal Charcoal Powder can be easily mixed into your dog's daily food. The dosage depends on your dog's weight: Up to 10 kg: 1–2 grams daily Over 10 kg: 3 grams daily Over 20 kg: 4 grams daily Over 30 kg: 5 grams daily Example: 1 teaspoon of AniCanis® SPRÜHWURST ADE equals approximately 2 grams. We recommend mixing the powder with some wet food to ensure optimal intake. Please note, the application should not exceed 2 weeks continuously. Important Please note that AniCanis® SPRÜHWURST ADE is a 100% plant-based supplementary feed and not a medicinal product. It is always important to consult a veterinarian or animal naturopath if your dog experiences unclear symptoms to ensure a qualified assessment and adequate treatment.

Content: 0.5 L (€39.90 / 1 L)

AniCanis AniCanis Pfotibalm paw balm stick for ball care with organic wax
AniCanis® PFOTIBALM — Regenerating Paw Balm for Dogs Give your dog's paws the care they deserve with AniCanis® PFOTIBALM. This regenerating paw balm for dogs is the ideal solution for supporting the pads and paws of your dog. Packaged in a plastic-free container and convenient stick form, you get a sustainable dog care product that stands out for its craftsmanship and care in production. Valuable Ingredients for Your Dog's Paw Care Organic Babassu Oil (Orbignya oleifera): An excellent care oil that allows the skin to retain moisture without leaving a greasy film. It supports skin regeneration and protects against external influences. Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis): Jojoba oil is known for its regenerating properties. It penetrates deeply into the skin and provides essential nutrients to support the pad structure. Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera): Coconut oil has antimicrobial and moisturizing properties. It helps to care for dry pads and maintain skin elasticity, ensuring your dog has healthy paws in both winter and summer. Organic Beeswax (Cera alba): Beeswax forms a natural protective film on the skin, preserving moisture and protecting against external influences. It supports paw care in winter and summer and promotes regeneration in case of pad injuries. AniCanis® PFOTIBALM — For Every Season and Demands The paw balm for dogs is perfect for caring for dry pads and provides pad protection in winter against snow, ice, and road salt. In summer, it protects against extreme temperatures and supports paw care during dog sports and hiking. Benefits of AniCanis® PFOTIBALM at a Glance Developed in our own animal healing practice Convenient paw care stick Pad protection and care for dry pads Supports dog paw regeneration Sustainable dog care in plastic-free packaging Ingredients from organic farming

Content: 0.5 L (€39.90 / 1 L)