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Oscar & Trudie Bio Blondvieh
The name Blondvieh may sound modern, but this product has its roots deep in the Waldviertel. A blend of pumpkin, potato and parsley gives it a timeless quality that has endured from then to now. Oscar & Trudie not only uses muscle meat, but also heart, liver, lungs and stomach. The necessary calcium content is ensured by eggshell powder from controlled organic farming. All of this with a 100% organic guarantee as a supplementary feed. Composition: 38% beef and 17% beef by-products (heart, lungs, liver, stomach), potato, pumpkin, carrot, parsley, eggshell powder and 7.1% oat flakes. Analytical components per portion: water 75.8%, crude protein 9.2%, crude fat 4.5%, crude fiber 1%, crude ash 1%

Content: 0.33 kg (€18.03 / 1 kg)

naftie 100% Forest-Wild
Naftie organic pure meat dog food offers a natural meat option with 100% wild game meat, including deer, red deer, and fallow deer (no wild boar), in a single-protein formula. Our cans of wild game meat contain ample amounts of muscle meat, heart, and lungs, gently cooked in their own juices. This high-quality dog food is excellent as a supplement to homemade meals, an alternative to raw meat feeding, or as a barf meat supplement, especially convenient for on-the-go situations. FEATURES Wild game meat is particularly rich in protein, more so than beef or poultry. It ranks among the most protein-rich types of meat, along with fish. The protein found in wild game meat also has a particularly high biological value and is more easily digestible than other protein sources due to its low connective tissue content. In addition to protein, deer, red deer, and fallow deer meat also contain valuable trace elements such as selenium, iron, and zinc in significant amounts. Wild game meat is also lean and low in cholesterol. Please note that a pure meat meal alone is not sufficient to provide your dog with optimal nutrition. Supplement important minerals and nutrients. You can easily combine wild game meat with organic flakes, oils, herbs, or our vegan wet food to create a healthy and nutritious menu. Pure meat cans allow you to determine the meat content in your dog's diet and are suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs, allergics, and exclusion diets. COMPOSITION Fallow deer* (100%) (65% muscle meat, 25% heart, and 10% lung) gently cooked in its juices. *raised in a natural environment ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS  crude protein 13.9%, crude fat 10.0%, crude fiber 0.8%, crude ash 0.9%, moisture 71.9%

Content: 0.4 kg (€11.23 / 1 kg)

NURDAS Beef With Celery, Linseed Oil And Watercress
Our dog food combines high-quality beef, vitamin-rich celery, delicious flaxseed oil, and invigorating watercress in a balanced recipe specially developed for adult dogs. A complete and balanced food that provides your dog with everything they need. 70% meat and offal  0% grains  Free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives  100% made in Austria COMPOSITION beef 47% (beef lungs 20%, beef hearts 16%, beef meat 11%), chicken meat, celery 11%, potatoes, minerals, linseed oil 0.9%, watercress 0.3% ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS moisture 80.0%, crude protein 7.0%, crude fat 5.0%, crude ash 2.0%, crude fiber 1.0% NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES PER KG Vitamin D3 170 IU, zinc (as zinc sulfate, monohydrate) 15 mg, manganese (as manganese-(II)-sulfate, monohydrate) 3 mg, iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 0.75 mg SIZE available in 200g, 400g, 800g. FEEDING RECOMMENDATION dog weight food amount 2-5 kg185-370 g5-10 kg370-625 g10-20 kg625-1050 g20-30 kg1050-1430 g

Content: 0.2 kg (€8.95 / 1 kg)

naftie 100% Bio-Beef
The organic pure meat cans with 100% beef content are the perfect choice for high-quality and balanced dog nutrition. These cans consist of carefully selected beef, including muscle meat, heart, and lung, which have been gently cooked in their own juices. They are excellent as an individual addition to self-prepared dog meals, an alternative to raw meat feeding, or a convenient barf meat supplement, especially for on-the-go and during travels. FEATURES Our beef comes from humanely raised animals and is distinguished by its high content of zinc, iron, and vitamin B12. Beef is an excellent source of high-quality protein with essential amino acids, and the iron content supports blood formation. This product contains 100 percent meat from organic farming, consisting of 65 percent muscle meat, 25 percent heart, and 10 percent lung in their own juice. Our organic pure meat cans are particularly suitable for dogs with dietary sensitivities and can be used as an ideal wet food for mixing. They originate from organic agriculture, preferably from regional production, and have been cooked in a CO2-neutral and naturally gentle way, without artificial or unnecessary additives such as broth. These cans are gluten-free, grain-free, and lactose-free. ALLERGEN NOTICE 100% organic beef is grain-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free. COMPOSITION beef (100%) (65% muscle meat, 25% heart, and 10% lung) in their own juice. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS crude protein 13.0%, crude fat 6.1%, crude fiber 1.5%, crude ash 0.5%, moisture 78.4%.

Content: 0.4 kg (€11.23 / 1 kg)

Tales&Tails Ich habe PFERDich
Finally, your dog has found the horse-inspired food it's been searching for! Our PFERDich 400g wet dog food is specially crafted to meet the needs of your furry friend. With high-quality horse meat as a monoprotein source and a balanced mix of vegetables, it not only provides a delicious meal but also a horse-friendly nutrition suitable even for sensitive dogs. FEATURES PFERDich 400g consists of 80% horse, including 70% meat, 15% heart, and 15% liver. This unique combination delivers valuable proteins crucial for the health and well-being of your dog. NUTRITIOUS VEGETABLES With 8% turnip, 6.5% beetroot, and 4% pear, our wet food is not only tasty but also rich in essential nutrients and fibers. ENERGY FOR YOUR DOG PFERDich 400g contains a balanced mix of ingredients to provide your dog with the necessary energy for an active lifestyle. FEEDING RECOMMENDATION The recommended feeding amount varies depending on your dog's weight. We have provided clear guidelines to ensure your dog receives the right amount of PFERDich 400g. 1-5 kg100-200 g5-10 kg200-400 g10-20 kg400-700 g20-30 kg700-1000 g30-40 kg1000g-1500 gANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Our wet food contains carefully balanced amounts of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, crude ash, and moisture to ensure a holistic diet. ADDITIONAL SUBSTANCES We have added important nutritional additives, including Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, and Selenium, to ensure your dog receives all the necessary nutrients. Don't forget fresh water! To keep your dog optimally hydrated, it's important to always provide fresh water.

Content: 0.4 kg (€12.48 / 1 kg)

Tales&Tails Auf der PHirsch
Are you on the hunt for the ideal wet food for your loyal four-legged friend? Then you've come to the right place! PHirsch consists exclusively of the highest quality ingredients and is particularly suitable for demanding dogs and those with intolerances. COMPOSITION Venison 75% (72% muscle meat, 3% liver), parsnips 17%, blueberries 5%, dandelion 1.5%, minerals 1%, hemp oil 0.5% ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS  crude protein 12.17%, crude fat 5.04%, crude fiber 0.92%, crude ash 2.7%, moisture 77.42% NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES Vitamin A as retinyl acetate 2,200.00 IU, Vitamin D3 180.00 IU, Vitamin E/all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 12.00 mg, Copper as Cu-(II)-Sulfate pentahydrate 1.60 mg, Manganese as Manganese-(II)-oxide 0.90 mg, Zinc from Zn-Sulfate monohydrate 15.00 mg, Selenium from Na-Selenite 0.07 mg FEEDING RECOMMENDITION  The recommended feeding amount depends on your dog's weight: 1-5 kg100-200 g5-10 kg200-400 g10-20 kg400-700 g20-30 kg700-1000 g30-40 kg1000-1500 gDon't forget to provide fresh water at all times, as hydration is crucial for maintaining your dog's health.

Content: 0.4 kg (€9.88 / 1 kg)