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NURDAS Freshwater Fish With Zucchini, Potatoes And Walnut Oil
Our dog food, consisting of delicious freshwater fish, vitamin-rich zucchini, carbohydrate-rich potatoes, and omega-3 and omega-6-rich walnut oil, provides balanced nutrition for adult dogs. It is a complete food carefully tailored to the needs of adult dogs. Your dog will get everything they need. Only the best for your four-legged friend. COMPOSITION  freshwater fish 27%, chicken meat, chicken liver, zucchini 11%, potato 9%, chicken hearts, minerals, walnut oil 0.9% ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS moisture 80.0%, crude protein 7.0%, crude fat 5.0%, crude ash 2.3%, crude fiber 1.0% ADDITIVES nutritional additives: vitamin D3 170 IU, zinc (as zinc sulfate, monohydrate) 15 mg, manganese (as manganese(II) sulfate, monohydrate) 3 mg, iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 0.75 mg SIZE Available in 200g, 400g, 800g. FEEDING RECOMMENDATION dog's weight amount of food the recommended amount of food serves as a guideline.  2-5 kg180-360 g5-10 kg360-610 g10-20 kg610-1030 g20-30 kg1030-1400 gThe individual requirements vary depending on the breed, age, and activity level of your dog. Store the opened food in the refrigerator and consume it within a few days. Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water. When switching to a new food, we recommend gradually replacing the previous food with "NUR DAS" to ensure optimal adaptation and tolerance.

Content: 0.2 kg (€8.95 / 1 kg)

Tales&Tails Ne schnelle Forelle
A quick trout is the ideal choice for dog owners who want only the best for their loyal companion. This high-quality wet food consists of 100% delicious trout from the pure waters of Iceland, offering a fresh taste without annoying bones. With a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, it is not only healthy but also perfect for sensitive dogs and picky eaters. 'A quick trout' is a single-source feed, which means it consists of only one relevant ingredient – trout. A balanced diet for your dog can be achieved by adding a supplement. COMPOSITION 100% trout ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS crude protein 11.08%, crude fat 16.0%, crude fiber 1.8%, crude ash 1.91%, moisture 67.94%, carbohydrates: 1.5g, omega 3: 1.5g / 100g, EPA: 0.1g / 100g, DHA: 1.2g / 100g, salt 0.2g / 100g, NFE (Nitrogen-free extract substances) 0%, energy (100g) 819 kJ / 198 kcal FEEDING RECOMMENDATION the amount of food varies depending on your dog's weight:  2-5 kg85-210 g5-10 kg210-340 g10-20 kg350-550 g20-30 kg550-700 g30-40 kg700-850 g40-50 kg850-950 gBe sure to always provide fresh water, as hydration is crucial for your dog's health.

Content: 0.1 kg (€24.90 / 1 kg)

Tales&Tails Ohne Flachs mit Lachs
Have you ever considered treating your loyal four-legged companion to a true culinary delight? Our Fish Dish is just what you need! This unique wet food consists of 100% delicious salmon, offering a fresh taste and being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It's perfect not only for gourmets and sensitive eaters but also contributes to helping other animals, as with every purchase, you support animal welfare projects. COMPOSITION 100% salmon ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS crude protein 12.89%, fat content 22%, crude fiber 0.6%, crude ash 3.22%, moisture 63.45%, carbohydrates 0%, Omega 3 2.2g, EPA 0.6g, DHA 1.02g FEEDING RECOMMENDATION The feeding amount varies depending on your dog's weight: 2-5 kg85-210 g5-10 kg210-340 g10-20 kg340-550 g20-30 kg550-700 g30-40 kg700-850 g40-50 kg850-950 gPlease always remember to provide fresh water, as hydration is of great importance.

Content: 0.1 kg (€24.90 / 1 kg)

Tales&Tails Dorschstarten
Start your beloved pet's day with a healthy and tasty breakfast - Dorschstarten! Our Fish Dish Dorsch is made from 100% pure cod fillet and provides your dog with not only the best start to the week but also a perfect choice for any other day. This single-ingredient food is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that promote your dog's health.COMPOSITION100% codANALYTICAL COMPONENTScrude protein 11.11%, fat content 1.4%, crude fiber 0.4%, crude ash 3.58%, moisture 84.87%, carbohydrates 0g, omega 3 0.1g / 100g, EPA 0.1g / 100g, DHA 0.1g / 100g, salt 0.33g / 100g, NFE (Nitrogen-Free Extract) 0.4%, energy (100g) 239 kJ / 57 kcalFEEDING RECOMMENDATIONThe feeding amount varies depending on your dog's weight:2-5 kg85-210 g5-10 kg210-340 g10-20 kg340-550 g20-30 kg550-700 g30-40 kg700-850 g40-50 kg850-950 gIt is extremely important to always provide your dog with fresh water to ensure they stay well-hydrated."

Content: 0.1 kg (€24.90 / 1 kg)