AniCanis AniCanis Aloe Vera Bio-straight juice

Discover the new AniCanis Aloe Vera Organic Straight Juice for dogs. Natural dog food and high-quality dog ​​accessories for a healthy and happy furry friend.


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"AniCanis Aloe Vera Bio-straight juice"
AniCanis Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice is a high-quality natural product specially formulated to holistically support your dog's health. Crafted from 100% organically grown Aloe Vera plants of the Barbadensis Miller variety, our direct juice offers a wealth of valuable ingredients that positively impact the well-being of your furry friend. 

Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice is traditionally known for its supportive effects on the immune system and digestion. The included polysaccharides, particularly Aloverose, are regarded as valuable components to strengthen the immune system and promote normal digestive activity. 

AniCanis Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice supports your dog's skin health and aids in natural wound healing. This makes it particularly suitable for care in cases of skin irritations, itching, and minor injuries. 

Through the unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, our Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice contributes to boosting your dog's energy and vitality. 

The Aloe Vera juice is carefully extracted from early morning harvests of Aloe Vera leaves and hand-filleted to use only the pure gel. With an average Aloverose content of 1200 mg/l, our juice offers the highest quality without artificial additives. A German organic control authority monitors the quality to ensure that your furry companion receives only the best. 

Contained polysaccharides, Aloverose, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids support your dog's health in a purely plant-based way. Give your dog the best of nature – AniCanis Aloe Vera Organic Direct Juice, a valuable supplement for holistic animal health. However, please note that our juice is not a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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