AniCanis AniCanis Coconut Tooth Giant

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"AniCanis Coconut Tooth Giant"
The AniCanis Organic Coconut Dental Giants are the ideal choice for your dog's dental care. Made with 100% organic coconut pulp and rich in lauric acid, they help prevent tartar and bad breath. These treats are also suitable for sensitive dogs and support not only dental health but also promote healthy digestion and a shiny coat. 

  • 100% coconut 
  • pulp from controlled organic farming 
  • no additives or preservatives 

crude protein 20.60%, crude fat 2.70%, crude fiber 13.60%, crude ash 6.70% 

Recommended: Maximum 0.5–1g per kg of body weight daily. For example, for a 10 kg dog, you can give them 5–10g of Coconut Dental Giants daily as a reward. The treats can be easily broken into the desired size and should always be offered with plenty of fresh water.
Variety: Vegan

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