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"DeliBest Horse Ziemer"
Horse tendons are a long-lasting and selective chew treat for dogs, made from 100% single-source horse protein. Especially for dogs prone to allergies and sensitivities, finding suitable chew treats that keep them engaged can be challenging. 

  • single-source horse protein 
  • exceptionally tough 
  • enhanced with malt 
  • supports dental cleaning 

Horse tendons are known for their toughness, setting them apart from many other chew treats. Through extensive chewing, they not only strengthen the dog's teeth and jaw muscles but also reduce the formation of dental plaque. This can help delay or even prevent the formation of tartar. Our horse tendons are additionally coated with a fine layer of malt and minerals. The high content of B-vitamins, in particular, provides significant added value. The delicate malt coating also supports digestion.
Variety: Horse
Hochwertige Futermittel für Hunde aus naturnaher Erzeugung von ausgesuchten Schweizer Betrieben.
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