Ich habe PFERDich

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"Ich habe PFERDich"
Finally, your dog has found the horse-inspired food it's been searching for! Our PFERDich 400g wet dog food is specially crafted to meet the needs of your furry friend. With high-quality horse meat as a monoprotein source and a balanced mix of vegetables, it not only provides a delicious meal but also a horse-friendly nutrition suitable even for sensitive dogs. 

PFERDich 400g consists of 80% horse, including 70% meat, 15% heart, and 15% liver. This unique combination delivers valuable proteins crucial for the health and well-being of your dog. 

With 8% turnip, 6.5% beetroot, and 4% pear, our wet food is not only tasty but also rich in essential nutrients and fibers. 

PFERDich 400g contains a balanced mix of ingredients to provide your dog with the necessary energy for an active lifestyle. 

The recommended feeding amount varies depending on your dog's weight. We have provided clear guidelines to ensure your dog receives the right amount of PFERDich 400g. 

1-5 kg

100-200 g

5-10 kg

200-400 g

10-20 kg

400-700 g

20-30 kg

700-1000 g

30-40 kg

1000g-1500 g

Our wet food contains carefully balanced amounts of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, crude ash, and moisture to ensure a holistic diet. 

We have added important nutritional additives, including Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, and Selenium, to ensure your dog receives all the necessary nutrients. 

Don't forget fresh water! To keep your dog optimally hydrated, it's important to always provide fresh water.
Variety: Horse
requirements: grain-free
Hochwertiges und vollkommen transparentes Hundefutter aus Deutschland.
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