Tales&Tails Let me ENTErtain you

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"Let me ENTErtain you"
Would you like to take your furry friend on a special culinary journey every day? Then our exquisite wet food is the perfect choice. Let your dog become the VIP of the day because our delicious wet food "Let me ENTErtain you" provides pure entertainment. This extraordinary meal consists of tender duck as a monoprotein, embarking on a flavorful journey with a mix of delicious vegetables. With its particularly well-tolerated recipe and a short list of ingredients, it's even suitable for allergy-prone dogs. Your four-legged companion will practically demand an encore! 

duck 75% (67% muscle meat, 8% liver), pumpkin 14.5%, apple 9%, minerals 1%, linseed oil 0.5% 

crude protein 8.37%, crude fat 5.76%, crude fiber 0.9%, crude ash 3.94%, moisture 78.62% 

vitamin A as retinyl acetate 2,200.00 IU, vitamin D3 180.00 IU, vitamin E/all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate 12.00 mg, copper as copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate 1.60 mg, manganese as manganese(II) oxide 0.90 mg, zinc from Zn sulfate monohydrate 15.00 mg, selenium from Na-selenite 0.07 mg 

our wet food "Let me ENTErtain you" is a complete food for dogs and comes in convenient 400g cans. The amount of food depends on your dog's weight:  

1-5 kg

100-200 g

5-10 kg

200-400 g

10-20 kg

400-700 g

20-30 kg

700-1000 g

30-40 kg

1000-1500 g

Remember to always provide fresh water as hydration is essential!
Variety: Poultry
requirements: grain-free
Hochwertiges und vollkommen transparentes Hundefutter aus Deutschland.
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