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"Oscar & Trudie Bio Wildhendl"
Oscar & Trudie's chickens live in the wild, which means they can run around a lot. Species-appropriate feeding and husbandry are of utmost importance for poultry. Therefore, only slow-growing poultry from controlled organic breeding can be considered here. Even the food comes exclusively from organic farming. 
Eggshell powder from controlled organic farming ensures the necessary calcium content. And all of this with our 100% organic guarantee as a supplementary feed. 
Composition: 38% poultry meat and 17% animal by-products from poultry (heart, lungs, liver, stomach), spelled flakes, oat flakes, celery, carrot, fennel, parsley, eggshell powder Analytical components: water 73.4%, crude protein 7.8%, crude fat 5.8%, crude fiber 1.5%, crude ash 0.8%
requirements: Bio
Oscar & Trudie
Essen wir damals, das ursprüngliche Hundefutter aus Österreich!
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