Perro Perro Herb Mix

Looking for a healthy herb mix supplement for dogs? Discover our premium blend of herbs for dogs, ideal for enhancing their nutrition. Shop now! #dogs #dogfood #dogaccessories


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"Perro Herb Mix"
Would you like to enhance your dog's daily BARF diet with a healthy addition? The PERRO herb mix is the ideal choice! This blend of beneficial wild herbs such as yarrow, nettle, sweet flag, centaury, gentian, and mistletoe is rich in minerals, vitamins, and herbal compounds. Additionally, chamomile flowers, caraway, and fennel help harmonize the mixture and support digestion. 

  • healthy herbs 
  • natural vitamins & minerals 
  • for BARF 
  • supports digestion 

healthy wild herbs packed with valuable nutrients and herbal compounds, chamomile flowers, caraway, and fennel to support digestion. The herb mix can be a valuable addition not only to your dog's BARF diet but also to their regular food. 

no additional vitamins and minerals have been intentionally added to preserve the selective nature of these products.
Variety: Vegan

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