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"Tales&Tails Ne schnelle Forelle"
A quick trout is the ideal choice for dog owners who want only the best for their loyal companion. This high-quality wet food consists of 100% delicious trout from the pure waters of Iceland, offering a fresh taste without annoying bones. With a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, it is not only healthy but also perfect for sensitive dogs and picky eaters. 'A quick trout' is a single-source feed, which means it consists of only one relevant ingredient – trout. A balanced diet for your dog can be achieved by adding a supplement. 

100% trout 

crude protein 11.08%, crude fat 16.0%, crude fiber 1.8%, crude ash 1.91%, moisture 67.94%, carbohydrates: 1.5g, omega 3: 1.5g / 100g, EPA: 0.1g / 100g, DHA: 1.2g / 100g, salt 0.2g / 100g, NFE (Nitrogen-free extract substances) 0%, energy (100g) 819 kJ / 198 kcal 

the amount of food varies depending on your dog's weight:  

2-5 kg

85-210 g

5-10 kg

210-340 g

10-20 kg

350-550 g

20-30 kg

550-700 g

30-40 kg

700-850 g

40-50 kg

850-950 g

Be sure to always provide fresh water, as hydration is crucial for your dog's health.
Variety: Fish
requirements: grain-free
Hochwertiges und vollkommen transparentes Hundefutter aus Deutschland.
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