Voll von der Rolle

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"Voll von der Rolle"
This chew treat will make your dog truly happy! With this cod skin roll, your dog can enjoy long-lasting chewing fun. The roll is made from 100% cod skin and air-dried in Iceland. It's the ideal treat for your dog and is produced using 100% renewable energy. It can be given as a reward several times a day in addition to the regular daily ration. 

100% cod skin - supplementary food. 

crude protein 84.4%, crude fat 1.4%, crude fiber 0.0%, crude ash 13.9%, carbohydrates 0%, omega 6 0.01g, omega 3 0.9g, energy per 100g 1465 kj/345 kcal.
Variety: Fish
Hochwertiges und vollkommen transparentes Hundefutter aus Deutschland.
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